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Really Love the Internet Sometimes

Big fan of the entire “The Sims” game line, from the earliest Sim City Classic, to the most recent incarnation of the Sims universe “The Sims 3”. They are releasing a new expansion pack for Sim3 on Tuesday, called World Adventures. Just ordered it online, making use of a $5 discount coupon code that I got from the Wendy’s burger site (What’s that phrase? “Google and ye shall find”? LOL). I guess they’re having some sort of EA Sports promotion happening now, where you plug in a code from your beverage cup to play an online instant win game. No cup? No problem, just click “don’t have a code” and they’ll email you one. Use the code to play the instant win game, and even if you don’t win, they email you a $5 discount code that actually works for ANY EA game, not just the sports game.

So while I had been all set to pick up the game at Target this week, where it was on sale for $34.95, I went ahead and ordered the direct download version of the game, using the $5 discount, and while the sale price was the same, the EA store doesn’t charge tax for direct downloads, and I don’t actually have to drive anywhere to get it, so it saves me some time as well. Nice deal. Had been kind of hoping that they’d make the direct download available before Tuesday, but apparently not. That’s okay, I’ll download this week and give it a play next weekend. :)

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Really Love the Internet Sometimes

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 1 min