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Tweets O' The Week 2010-01-24

  • @eMSY Will add Gforce to my list then. :) in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY D & I have tix to finally see Avatar at IMAX this afternoon. Ordered them last week. Good thing, all but one show this wknd sold out. in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY So how WAS GForce? In the trailers it looked like one of those movies that could either be really cute or really bad. in reply to eMSY #
  • Screencap3 from the recording: http://brizzly.com/pic/17NW #
  • Screencap2 from the recording: http://brizzly.com/pic/17NV #
  • Screencap1 from the recording: http://brizzly.com/pic/17NU #
  • @EdgeFest Never been a big fan of rap either, but hey, it's a good cause, and it IS #Bono & Edge, somewhat, so it's a keeper, I guess. in reply to EdgeFest #
  • @EdgeFest So it wasn't just ME then? What I could hear of #Bono & Edge, I liked, but I thought it was pretty much the Jay-Z & Rihanna Show. #
  • @WilliamHallMacy Big fans of your work at our house. We know that when we see "William H. Macy" in the opening cre (cont) http://tl.gd/4mrhc #
  • @WilliamHallMacy "I do 3 scenes passed out" // Must make memorizing the lines in those scenes pretty easy! 😀 in reply to WilliamHallMacy #
  • <=== Look, it's GERTY! 😀 Finally broke down and said buh-BYE to the bunnies! #
  • @macpowell Re the Haiti ONECampaign: Guess I'm lucky number 118,413. :) I retweeted. in reply to macpowell #
  • Just got done watching "Moon", for the second time. LOVE it. Wish I could say more, but don't want to spoil it for anyone. Just RENT it! :) #
  • @NathanFillion Just noticed you changed your profile pic. No more chroma-key green screen background! 😉 Nice! in reply to NathanFillion #
  • @macpowell In the immortal words of Bob and Doug McKenzie, "Way to leave us hangin', eh!" 😀 in reply to macpowell #
  • @eMSY Re Statue of Liberty: wonder if you get halfway up & start to panic and chicken out, if there's room to go back down again. :-O in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY Maybe it's because I went to school with so many of those characters. Didn't like them then, don't want them in my house now. LOL. in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY Glee won a Golden Globe the other night, for best new comedy. Just can't figure out why so many people think it's great and we don't. in reply to eMSY #
  • RT @marklee3d: …Know of any good journaling apps for Mac? // Sounds like YOU need one, not Mac. … Whoops, did I type that out loud? 😀 #
  • RT @marklee3d: … I can't read my own handwriting! … // They don't call you DOCTOR Mark Lee for nothing! It's living up to your name! 😀 #
  • @eMSY D and I have talked about maybe going when we go see U2 in NY in July. However, this worries me a bit: http://tinyurl.com/yfstkb6 :-O in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY It WAS closed after 9/11, but they reopened it up last year I think. http://tinyurl.com/mx2han to preorder tix. in reply to eMSY #

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Tweets O' The Week 2010-01-24

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