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Love To Catch Them Mousies… :D

… Mousies what I love to catch. :)

My apologies to the late B. Kliban for borrowing from his great cat cartoon. It’s one of my favorites.

Kliban cartoon

But finally, after the “better mouse” broke the last live catch trap that we had and we had to break down and order new traps from the internet, we again have a mouse trap that works. Kind of.

We HAD this great live catch trap that was spring loaded, you wound it, they walked in and stepped on a hidden pedal and it would scoop them up and stick them in a retaining area to turn loose outside at our earliest convenience.

Mousie pic 1

Worked great, until one weekend when I was gone to Doug’s, I came home and found that the trap was now in the garbage. Still don’t know exactly what happened, probably better off that I don’t, assuming that a mouse might have gotten stuck in the trap while it was being scooped and met a grisly fate. :( That had happened one other time, but I was able to free him before he succumbed to a bad case of dead. Not this one apparently.

So we’ve hunting for a decent enough replacement trap for that one, since apparently the Tomcat company is no longer making the spring loaded ones anymore (although they DO still show them on their website, but don’t sell to the general public). So after returning two other traps that didn’t work at all, we had this other one that kind of worked, with a ramp that as the mouse walked in, it would tilt towards the back of the trap, and a little door would shut on him, until we let him out. But half the time the thing would be closed and there wouldn’t be anything in it. Or the peanut butter bait would be gone and it would still be open. *scratches head perplexed* Guessing they worked in pairs and one would hold the door open while the other one swiped the bait. Last month, not only did they take the bait and run, they also swiped the removable back end of the trap, rendering the trap essentially useless, even after we tried to MacGyver a temporary fix for it. So figured we needed to go ahead and order a new trap online.

So after finding someone who actually still sold the spring loaded trap online, ordered two of them. Came in on Monday. NOT what we ordered. They were by the same company, but were the ones that you can find ANYWHERE, which had we known that’s what we were ordering, we would have just gotten for $5 less from Amazon. Emailed the company an angry-gram (polite, but very “what’s up with THIS, guys?!”), but agreed to at least try this new style. Not spring loaded, and still working with tilting ramps. But it seemed decently made, so we set it up. They said no bait required so we put it on the shelf as is overnight. Checked the next morning: no mouse. :( I thought “Swell, here we go again”. But figured we’d try baiting it. So borrowed a peanut from the squirrels and put one in the holding area last night. Checked it this morning after I got up.

Not one but TWO mice were peeking out at me from the “holding cell” when I turned the light on.

Mousie Pic 2

So it apparently DOES work. The only problem is, the ramps tilt back after the mouse is in the holding area, ready to catch the next unsuspecting mouse that walks in. And when it does that, if the trapped mouse gets startled (“if”? more like “when”, they’re real big on the whole “scurry and cower” thing – anyone see the “Tale of Despereaux” lol), it races back through the little hole and hides UNDER one of the ramps (you can see the second mouse doing just that in the picture). Tried to turn them loose at the curb this morning when I went out to get the paper going to work, but both mice were hiding under the ramps and would NOT come out. So I had to just leave the trap hidden in some leaves along side the driveway with the lid off.  As expected, they were gone by the time I got home from work. Brought the trap in again, loaded it with another peanut, and went ahead and set it up in the laundry room again. Checked it at around 9:30 during a commercial TV break, and yes, we caught ANOTHER mouse. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to wait in there all night, since I won’t be able to get him out without leaving the trap outside. And well, there’s always the chance that we’ll catch additional mice during the night tonight. So he may end up with company before morning. :)

So the trap SEEMS to be working, but getting them out of this style of trap seems to be a bit of a pain. If only they’d come when called… “Here mousie mousie mousie!”.  😀

I know, a lot of you are thinking “why not just buy the ‘snappy traps that kill them instantly’ and be done with them?” We used to. Until one snappy trap failed to do the job instantly and to find the trap, we had to follow a trail of blood to the end of a shelf and around the corner, where the poor little guy dragged himself to hide. :-O Felt SO bad about that, and put my foot down right then and there, NO more snappy traps. We’ve been doing the catch and release thing ever since. And yeah, I’m sure that we DO re-catch some of the same mousies more than once; in that first pic, that little guy was NOT afraid of me at all, he was seriously doing the whole “been there done that bought the t-shirt” attitude. But it beats the alternative.

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Love To Catch Them Mousies… :D

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 4 min