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Bizzy Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, y’all! :)

Had Doug (who was staying the weekend) and family here for Thanksgiving Day, when we ate our selves to oblivion, and I lost a whopping 13 cents playing Tripoley that evening.

Friday took my car into John West Auto to have the PCV valve replaced since my Toyota dealership had recommended when I went in for the Prius’s 30,000 mile checkup to have it replaced, and it was only going to be $125. !!! So I opted to NOT have them replace it, took it to John’s instead, who pulled it out, took a look at it, said it looked nearly brand new and definitely DIDN’T need to be replaced, put it back and didn’t charge me a cent for it. Yay. A mechanic you can trust. Definitely WON’T be letting Toyota do anything to my car that costs anything over my prepaid 5000 mile maintenance anymore. Then Doug had brought over the Wii version of Press Your Luck, so we spent some time looking for Big Bucks and No Whammies, then I introduced him to the first movie in the Mummy trilogy.

Saturday we got up and went to Lowe’s and picked out our Christmas tree for the year. Then sat back and watched The Blues Brothers, which I’d never seen, and later that evening watched The Departed. And in between played RAYMAN RAVING RABBIDS TV PARTY, which I’d just picked up at Best Buy that afternoon, on the Wii. “Bwaaaaaaaaah! Daaaaaaaaah!” Absolutely insane game. Not sure yet, but I think it’s fun! 😀

Also discovered that one of our cats – Lucy – apparently has a UTI, so we brought her to the vet for the official check on Saturday, and came home with a week’s worth of antibiotics and a few days worth of pain killer to give her until the antibiotics kicked in. Fun. Just LOVE medicating a cat! :-O

Today spent most of the day putting the lights and decorations on the Christmas tree, then brought in Dominos Pizza for dinner. Yum.

Christmas Tree 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Watched the 20th Anniversary episode of AFV then tuned in to the Amazing Race, then kicked Doug out 😉 and called it a weekend.

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Bizzy Weekend!

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 1 min