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A BIRD flew into the house this morning!

I swear, it’s like the New Zoo Review (and if anyone reading this knows what that is, congratulations, you’re old too!) at our house sometimes, between the camel crickets, the bugs, the mice, the maybe possum in the crawl space, and now we had a bird in the house!

It was the third bird (hey, that rhymes!) to fly into our storm door over the last couple of days, and this one hit hard enough to leave feathers and NOT fly away. Mom sort of scooted it back behind a planter box since if she left it where it was, one of the neighborhood cats would get it for sure. And there it stayed, huddled under a pile of leaves, just breathing hard. And we figured it was a goner, that we’d be having to dispose of a dead birdie by morning.

Mom opened the door to take a peek at him this morning, and it barely had time to register that he was actually sitting up looking at her, when through the door she was holding open, he suddenly launched himself and flew into our kitchen. I’m downstairs putting in my contact lenses and had just stuck the second one in when she lets out this shriek “Karen come quick, we’ve got a bird in the house!” And I’m like WTF? As I’m starting to close off all doors to other rooms, I think “need to shut the cats up too, or it’s really going to get messy in here”. The only one I could catch was Ozzy, but he’s so used to being stuck in his “naughty room” when he picks on Shelley, figured he’d be the easiest. Turns out the other cats were already too stressed about the excitement, so couldn’t actually catch any of the others.

By then, she’d found the bird, he’d landed on the counter right along side our stove, right behind the salt and pepper shakers. Fortunately he was too scared to move, and just sat there panting as I grabbed our usual “mouse catching” tupperware and a card that came in the mail yesterday to remind us to send in our census forms, and after putting the plasticware over the bird, slid the card underneath and was able to scoot him to a more level surface on the stove so I could get a sturdier cardboard under him and take him back outside.

Apparently he’s doing much better, when I went to put him in the planter box in our driveway to at least try to protect him a bit from the outside cats, I no sooner lifted the container off of him and he flew right past my head into the tree next door. Whew! Birdie Adventure over!

Oh, and as an afterthought… turned loose mouse number 13 this morning. 😀

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A BIRD flew into the house this morning!

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 2 min