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Tweets O' The Week 2010-04-04

  • @u2kat … if it looked that bad overnight ONE night, it's going to look awful by the time he comes back next Saturday. 😛 in reply to u2kat #
  • @u2kat Doug left his blue car in our driveway last night, and all the yellow pollen on it made it look GREENish… in reply to u2kat #
  • Ugh! It was a little late coming this year, but it's HEEEERE! The dreaded yellow pollen has arrived overnight. 😛 #
  • Back from the airport. Will say one thing about it, it's definitely well marked. Easy in, drop off the Doug, easy out again. #
  • Up early on Sat. to take D. to RDU airport this AM. He's flying up to NY/NH for the week. We're babysitting his car for him while he's gone. #
  • @eMSY @mark_uk Happy 17th Anniversary! :) in reply to eMSY #
  • Doh, yeah, I'm SO not up too late.*dopeslap!* Forgot to post the link to the @Team_Barrowman video page earlier. http://tinyurl.com/yd3xrtu #
  • 1am, and I AM really going to bed now. Discovered that my #U2 videos were broken too, so had to fix those first. http://tinyurl.com/U2page #
  • Website night tonight! Did the re-theme, added a fave video page to the @Team_Barrowman section and fixed the (cont) http://tl.gd/n6gh6 #
  • Re-themed the website! Thinking it might be a little dark for spring, so may change it again, but it'll do for now. :) http://bit.ly/bXw8oj #
  • Heading upstairs to watch "It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!" :) #
  • @u2kat I'm still hoping someone brings me some chocolate covered Peeps. Can't find them anywhere. What a sugar rush THOSE must be! 😀 in reply to u2kat #
  • @EdgeFest They played Space Oddity to close out Star Wars In Concert several months ago, and I just went "Hey, where's The Claw?" 😀 in reply to EdgeFest #
  • RT @RussAdams: Dilbert comic on web design – "The colors remind me of toe fungus and despair" http://bit.ly/dl3rTe // I love it! 😀 #
  • And it's supposed to be 85 degrees today! I'm in short sleeves and Birkenstocks for the first time this year! Weee! 😀 #
  • The guy in front of me? Not so lucky. Almost got in front of him but; he was going a little too fast, so I fell in behind.Cop got him instd. #
  • Good start to the morning so far: officially down 12 lbs since the start of the year, and missed getting a speeding ticket by THATMUCH! \o/ #
  • Survived the 6 mo dental checkup today. What few fillings I have: all intact, no new cavities, remaining 3 wisdom teeth still happy. Whew! #
  • But in the Peepshi instructions, you have to BEHEAD the Peeps! :-( But "5. Don't let silent Peeps screams deter you from your task." 😀 #
  • RT @thinkgeek: A final thought for today in our run-up to Fudgie-gorging tomorrow: Peeps + sushi = Peepshi. http://j.mp/dnRosV #
  • @Team_Barrowman Great interview this afternoon…er…this morning…er…2 weeks ago? Did you actually get up at 6am to hear yourself? 😀 #
  • RT @NathanFillion:When in a restaurant, put your phone on silent, and leave the table to answer it.//Does anyone actually DO that anymore?:( #
  • Copying over a few files of lesser importance, just to make sure the thing works okay. Seems fine so far. Yay! Finally! ELBOW ROOM! 😀 #
  • Got a nice deal at CostCo on a new HDD: WD Passport, 750GB, including cover: $99. And I only had to buy ONE, not a CostCo sized case. LOL. #
  • Fortunately, I left the trap outside when Lost came back on, so when he made a break for it, he was already outside. Whew! #
  • Son of a… In the time span between two commercial breaks on Lost, we caught Mouse No. 16, and – no pun intended – LOST Mouse No. 16. Argh! #
  • @u2kat Thanks. Turns out she's got a torn meniscus (sp?) in her knee, is sched for arthroscopic surgery in 2 weeks. in reply to u2kat #
  • RT @NathanFillion: Have you heard? CASTLE has a third season pick up! // Yay! Best show on TV, I think. Never miss it. #
  • Mom finally just got in to her appt. Only 45 minutes late. :( #
  • Off work for the AM, taking my Mom to her knee doctor appt, since her pain meds have been known to make her a little loopy occasionally. :) #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — John Barrowmann and Danny Boys – I know him so well http://youtu.be/26WZed9n7cU?a #
  • I usually don't chime in with Twitter trendy words, but GREAT show tonight! We♥Chuck ! We♥Chuck ! We♥Chuck ! We♥Chuck ! We♥Chuck ! 😉 #
  • Great name for a band that I heard while watching the Discovery Channel show "Life": The Sarcastic Fringeheads. LOL It's the name of a fish. #
  • RT @NathanFillion: RT @Marcipantz: @NathanFillion Here's a funny pic I ran across on the web. http://bit.ly/ao8Jl2 #
  • @wazowski09 and all the other markers go on strike till it is properly refilled…. // Mwahaha! 😀 in reply to wazowski09 #
  • @wazowski09 We've got an office full of Epson printers, & they all do the same thing, you want to print in black, they don't work w/o color. in reply to wazowski09 #
  • If you’ve set your printer to print in “Black Ink Only”, why does it refuse to print if the YELLOW cartridge is out of ink? Doh! >:( #
  • @eMSY Sorry to hear about the Roadie! You were so excited about it. :( in reply to eMSY #
  • Went to bed at 1, woke up at 2 to thunderstorm, woke up at 4 to sound of mouse trying to escape trap. Gonna be a long day today, me thinks. #
  • Just waiting for the Amazing Race, I added the rest of my pics & tweaked the video a bit on my U2 page. http://tinyurl.com/happyhybrid-U2 #
  • #nowplaying @Team_Barrowman : "What Is This Thing Called Love?" via the player on the blog. :) #
  • OMG! Just scrubbed the sides and topped off the aquarium with more water, and discovered MORE new itty bitty guppy babies in the tank! :-O ! #
  • @GennaGirl PFR! LOVED them! Got something like 5 of their CDs on the shelf. in reply to GennaGirl #
  • @GennaGirl Loved that song when it came out. It got played to DEATH, but never got tired of it. in reply to GennaGirl #
  • @marklee3d @macpowell …And never would have heard ANY of it had "Flood" by Jars of Clay not made it to mainstream radio that first year :) #
  • @marklee3d @macpowell 2) Third Day, followed closely by @jeremycamp (discovered at a 3D show) and @AgnewsDei. #
  • @marklee3d @macpowell 1) Third Day – Live Wire tour (took NINE years from discovering 3D's Bus CD before I actually got to a live show)… in reply to marklee3d #

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Tweets O' The Week 2010-04-04

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