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Tweets O' The Week 2010-03-21

  • Just did the nightly mouse check. Got ANOTHER one. With the 1 yesterday, that makes 10 I think, since Tuesday. Wonder how many more we have. #
  • & just finished watching SyFy's "Beyond Sherwood Forest" off the DVR from during the holidays. Interesting variation on the usual RoS tale. #
  • Just finished streaming "The Proposal", with Sandra Bullock. Cute (and had some decent LOL moments) but fairly predictable rom-com. #
  • @jeremycamp Watch out that the gators don't bite your ankles! You could be making them a very tempting target there in that pic! 😀 in reply to jeremycamp #
  • It's 75 outside, and sunny, so ate my lunch on the back deck and watched the woodpeckers and bluebirds keeping house in their nests. :) #
  • With all this mouse talk, I keep thinking of that old joke "The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." 😀 #
  • And we just caught mouse #8 Guess we'll have to turn this one loose waaay in the backyard tomorrow, and hope he moves in with a neighbor :) #
  • @eMSY Looks like geocaching, without the coordinates or the GPS. But I'm notoriously slow moving on the wknds :D, may not make it out there. in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY Had all my fun w/ D was here last wknd. Thinking about trying THIS if I get to feeling ambitious tomorrow. http://tinyurl.com/yzx6gdl in reply to eMSY #
  • Sushi just isn't sushi unless you have at least one good wasabi sinus blowout. And mine are STILL recovering from lunch today. GOOD stuff! #
  • Caught a THIRD mouse overnight! Gotta love those multi-catch traps, sure beats catching them 1 at a time. That makes 7 mice since Tues. #
  • @Team_Barrowman Kinda weird to read tweets actually f/ JB while listening to him here at my desk.Somethng very "What the Bleep" about it. 😀 in reply to Team_Barrowman #
  • Hey! The blog hit a new high tonight, someone actually found it while google & yahoo-ing, not via one of my tweets. I'm in Nerdvana! 😀 #
  • @gray_amyliz The Calif. cats had no idea what a mouse was, but the new ones that grew up here have a GREAT time when they find one! :-O Ick. in reply to gray_amyliz #
  • FlashForward returned to TV tonight for its 2 hour spring premiere! Yay! Something on TV that WASN'T basketball! LOL. #
  • And yes, we DO have 4 cats in the house! But if the cats find them first, we usually just find 1/2 mice afterwards, and that's no fun at all #
  • Mousie Update2: Reset the trap after I got home, just checked it. Have already caught 2 more! At least we know THESE aren't the same mice! #
  • Mousie Update1: DID catch a 2nd mouse overnight last night; turned them both loose in the wooded area behind work this morning. #
  • @wazowski09 Re Kingdom of your Love, isn't that going to be included on Songs of Ascent (or whatever the new CD is going to be called)? in reply to wazowski09 #
  • @U2Trinn I'm contemplating getting AH on vinyl. Sounds like a nice bit o' memorabilia. Not to mention Snow Patrol's remix of Unknown Caller! #
  • @elainer1130 Planet 51 is actually in my Netflix queue, but have had a few too many animated ones recently, so bumped it down the list a bit in reply to elainer1130 #
  • Watched "The Fourth Kind" tonight. :-O So much for those friendly aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. LOL Good movie, I thought. #
  • RT @NathanFillion: Alright everybody- favorite soda, GO!
    Dr. Pepper // Diet Dr. Pepper #
  • @Team_Barrowman Just saw on Google that there was a mild quake in LA this AM. Has JB been shake, rattled, and rolled by a quake before? #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Matt and the Tribbleocalypse http://youtu.be/1gQUWW59cQ4?a #
  • RT @thinkgeek: As promised: video of When Tribbles Attack!! http://j.mp/9gCBwe // That's just SO wrong! I love it! 😀 #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — "Paranormal Activity" spoof – Director's Cut! http://youtu.be/sAf_rBXGEX0?a #
  • @NathanFillion TMI, dude, TMI! (But thanks for the lol.) 😀 in reply to NathanFillion #
  • A good day for old school Durannies… according to my calendar, there's a "New Moon on Monday" today. 😀 #
  • Really wanted to ask if we could get Penny as our waitress there, but figured nobody there would have gotten the Big Bang Theory rfrnce. 😀 #
  • … but I couldn't pass by the seared Ahi tuna plate, and that ate up nearly one gift card all by itself. But I LOVE that stuff. Yum! #
  • Cheesecake Factory was great. What a splurge, we blew through $50 in gift cards, and still ended up putting a hefty sum on the Visa card… #
  • @eMSY You scared me, talking about Mothers Day, I thought I'd let another one sneak up on me by mistake. But OURS isn't until May. Whew. :) in reply to eMSY #
  • RT @EdgeFest: http://twitpic.com/18ncwj – Crazy Bass Pro shop in Calgary //Looks very similar to the Bass Pro shop down in Concord, NC. #
  • Going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner today. Just eyeballed the menu online. Oh MY! I'll take one of everything! 😀 #
  • Happy Pi Day! http://www.piday.org/ #

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Tweets O' The Week 2010-03-21

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