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Tweets O' The Week 2010-02-21

  • @Team_Barrowman Guessing that's 8am UK time? 😀 *does mental math* 3AM ET? Looks like I'll be up at the crack of early on Tuesday! LOL. in reply to Team_Barrowman #
  • Fortunately we still had yesterday's paper so we could see who won (Yay Evan!). but missed seeing Plushenko skate HIS long program. :( #
  • Held off reading anything about Men's Figure Skating winners until we finished watching the tape, only to have it cut off w/10 minutes left! #
  • Belated Valentine's Day weekend starts today, so heading down to Concord to hang with D for the weekend. Yay! And no snow on the roads! #
  • @marmoo68 Have a good time! Hope you get a good spot, AND they let you in early enough before you freeze. :-) in reply to marmoo68 #
  • I will say though, that Hurt Locker DID have some incredible acting. I can see why Jeremy Renner was nominated, although EVERYONE was good. #
  • Watched The Hurt Locker the other night. Not sure why it's up for all those awards. It was good, yeah, but not (cont) http://tl.gd/abbae #
  • @elainer1130 @gray_amyliz @pixielily I'm an avg 5'5, & I still get irked if I'm a few rows back & end up having to "Todd Dodge" all nite.Ugh in reply to elainer1130 #
  • Saw a great license plate this week: "MWA-HAHA!" 😀 Cracked me up right there in commute traffic. Had been (cont) http://tl.gd/a3f9n #
  • @eMSY Hope J is feeling better. Always very appreciative when people talk about getting carsick and DON'T share THOSE photos! 😉 in reply to eMSY #
  • RT @NathanFillion: Dear JJ, Star Trek? Perfect movie. Thank you,
    Nathan//Saw that at midnite at IMAX. GREAT stuff, & I'm not even a trekkie. #
  • Fast forwarding through most of the 3 hours of last night's Olympic coverage to watch the Men's figure skating short programs. Love the DVR. #
  • @eMSY It sounds good (I love curry), I've just never had it before. Waffles HERE only seem to come with hashbrowns & just in the AM. :) in reply to eMSY #
  • Just finished watching tonight's Lost. Man, I hate when I doze off in the middle of an ep. Crashed at the 1st (cont) http://tl.gd/9k18c #
  • Got #Torchwood as a saved search, but can never read it, lol. I'm only midway through season 2, so don't want anything given away too soon. #
  • Fortunately the day went uphill from there. Yay. #
  • So raced around like a headless chicken this AM getting confirmations, & 16 pages of paperwork printed, from a PC that was being mean to me. #
  • Felt so smart figuring out that website thing yesterday; found out today I'd completely spaced on getting confirm. on a deposition 4 today. #
  • @eMSY http://brizzly.com/pic/1H8R Hey, your Norwich Lion vs my Carolina Panther… who would win? 😉 lol. in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY Curry? On waffles? Then waffles for dessert? I've never had them for anything other than breakfast before. in reply to eMSY #
  • @TDfan Yep! We're "White and Nerdy" just like Weird Al. 😀 in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan I'm not sure, but I think I have reached… to borrow from Dilbert… NERDVANA! :) in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan But it's so GREAT when you finally get it right, tho. *looks around the office, still alone, so does another happy dance* 😀 in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan And this is why the home website is pththt right now. Spend 5 hours on something like this, don't feel like doing more of it at home. in reply to TDfan #
  • Booyah! Just solved a javascript/css/website design issue that I've been fighting with for the last FIVE hours! *does happy dance* Go ME! 😀 #
  • …since AmazonUS has them as imports, it would have cost me a mint to buy from them. Saved about $68 buying direct. See blog for details :) #
  • Just placed my first order from AmazonUK, picked up 3 John Barrowman CDs of the many listed on @Team_Barrowman 's website… #
  • @marklee3d Have you seen this? And yes, the volume control really DOES go to 11! http://bit.ly/dySlRx in reply to marklee3d #
  • Bad time to re-discover ThinkGeek, right after finding out my Fed tax refund just got deposited. Be afraid, be very afraid! #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1GGV Oh, no! And they have one from Big Bang Theory! "Rock Scissors Paper Lizard Spock!" 😀 #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1GGR Don't know how I ended up at thinkgeek.com, but had forgotten all about this tee, just in time for V-Day! 😀 #
  • @eMSY And I need to do another workout just from looking at that! Yum! 😀 in reply to eMSY #
  • Just finished a 30 minute dance workout stream via netflix. http://tinyurl.com/yhb758k *pant pant* Made up for the pizza we had this wknd. #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1GCH And the view from the front of the house… #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1GCG Pic 2 of the leftover snow… #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1GCF Still have some leftover snow on the ground from yesterday. Pic 1 #

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Tweets O' The Week 2010-02-21

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