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Still haven't worked on the website yet…

Turns out that I was absolutely correct, when, at my last job, after every time I helped someone fix their pc, coworkers would ask me why I didn’t get into the IT department. I’d always tell them that tinkering with my PC was a hobby, and I feared that if I spent 8 hours a day doing it, I wouldn’t want to play with it in my off time anymore.

Yes, indeedy. I was absolutely right back then.

I’ve spent most of my last several days working on a website at the office, and wouldn’t you know it, after spending nearly 8 hours a day on it at work, I don’t feel much like messing around with my own site once I get home. *sob*

Oh well. I like doing it just fine at work, and if that means I do something ELSE at home, that’s okay too. I’ll get to it eventually. And the blog is quick and easy if I want to post something. And twitter is even FASTER if it’s just a random thought.

So there you go. My thought o’ the day. LOL.

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Still haven't worked on the website yet…

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 1 min